FCRG Spring 2021

We will discuss cybersecurity policy among a group of graduate, professional, and undergraduate students. In Spring 2021, we will focus on two topics:

cybersecurity and nation-state hacking through the lens of International Relations theory (Buchanan)
cybersecurity and the concept of anti-racism (Benjamin)
Ben Buchanan's new book, the Hacker and the State, contains detailed and careful case studies on recent state-involved cyber offensive activity. We will use Buchanan's book, which is written from a political science/international relations lens, to discuss legal and policy approaches to address computer and network security.

Ruha Benjamin's new book, Race After Technology, will provide a framework and sounding board for an issue that is not developed in the cybersecurity literature: what would it mean to promote security online in a way that is not merely race-neutral, but also anti-racist?