FCRG Future of Cybersecurity Reading Group

Future of Cybersecurity Reading Group (FCRG)
Info 290 Section 009
Course number: 34002
Mondays 12:40–1:30
South Hall Room 107
Lunch provided by CLTC

Instructors: Betsy Cooper, Executive Director, Center for Long-Term Cybersecurity & Chris Jay Hoofnagle, Adjunct Professor of Information and Law

This one-credit reading group, sponsored by the Center for Long-Term Cybersecurity, will discuss contemporary cybersecurity policy problems. The seminar will focus on future trends in technology, as well as the economy and politics, and how those are affecting cybersecurity policy. Topics may include encryption, autonomous vehicles, and the ethics of artificial intelligence.

Law students: this course starts on Monday, January 23rd. We will hold makeups to address the schedule disparity.


Students are required to attend weekly 50-minute sessions, lead paper discussions (50%), and write two response pieces (50%). Response pieces are due on March 6th and April 24th. We will circulate a sign up sheet for discussion leadership duties. Here is a good template to use for your assignments.

APM-015 Part II statement

This course will deal with material concerning current events and exploration of government actions and their possible consequences. Class discussion will feature such material.

Course Materials

Luckily most of our readings will be in the public domain, and there is no appropriate textbook for our group. Some readings will be behind paywalls. In order to get the readings at no cost, you will have to use the Berkeley Library VPN or the Library Proxy. These tools enable you to obtain all UCB-subscribed journals and books from your home computer. If you have problems, see your helpdesk.


Class# Day Date Topic Readings
1 Monday January 23, 2017 Introduction to cybersecurity (Cooper)
2 Monday January 30, 2017

The important players and institutions in cybersecurity

Lead discussants: SV & MG

3 Monday February 6, 2017

Future of Cybersecurity 1 (Cooper)

Lead discussant:AG

4 Monday February 13, 2017

Economic tensions in cybersecurity (Hoofnagle)

Lead discussant:SV

5 Monday February 27, 2017

The challenge of attribution

Lead discussant:SH

6 Monday March 6, 2017

The challenges in encryption policy (Hoofnagle)

Lead discussant:MSdlC

7 Monday March 13, 2017

Comparative perspectives: US and EU cybersecurity diligence

Lead discussant:KH

8 Monday March 20, 2017

Cybersecurity lenses: public health and nuclear war (Hoofnagle)

Lead discussants:AR & GP

9 Monday April 3, 2017

Cybersecurity and the 2016 election

Lead discussant:DG

10 Monday April 10, 2017

The Private Sector's Role; The Promise of Privacy by Design

Lead discussant:MJ

11 Monday April 17, 2017


Lead discussant:MA

12 Monday April 24, 2017

Future of Cybersecurity: policy opions in a new administration

Lead discussant:BVR

13 Law Makeup March 24, 2017 Go to BCLT Privacy Law Forum or watch webcast This conference is in Palo Alto, but the panels will be recorded. The first will focus on emerging cyber responsibilities.
14 Law Makeup Attend one CLTC lunch talk over the semester

Course Summary:

Date Details Due
CC Attribution Non-Commercial This course content is offered under a CC Attribution Non-Commercial license. Content in this course can be considered under this license unless otherwise noted.