Course Syllabus

End of semester information:

  • The median total score was 361.3 (out of 500 points maximum)
  • Information about the final exam grading, including score distribution
  • Here are your rescaled quiz and homework scores. These are the ones used in the computation of your total score. If you have questions, please read carefully the explanations (following the above links).

Welcome to Prof. Dyatlov's Math 1B course webpage! Here you can find:

The office hours for the course are (see below for Google Calendar):

Faculty/GSI Email Office Office hours
Anna Cho 781 Evans M 3-4, T 4-5
Charlie Cifarelli 941 Evans M 4-5, W 1-2
Jorge Garza Vargas 842 Evans W 4-5, F 3-4
Frederick Huang 852 Evans TuTh 10-11
Luhang Lai 1037 Evans Tu 4-5, F 3-4
Julienne Petit 781 Evans Th 10-11, F 11-12
Shaivya Rastogi 781 Evans W 4-5, Th 11-12
Raj Topiwala 781 Evans W 12:30-1:30, F 830-930
Moor Xu 860 Evans TuTh 2:30-3:30
Dongxiao Yu 1070 Evans MW 10-11
Semyon Dyatlov
(instructor) 805 Evans M 12:30-1:30, W 3-4

 Google Calendar of office hours: click here (with Google account) or here (without Google account)

Course Summary:

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