Migration Selection Placement

External tools can be configured to appear in the "Course Imports" menu of a course. The migration_selection placement allows course designers (Admins/Instructors) to use the LTI Deep Linking flow to select a Common Cartridge file from an external tool and import it into a course.


For configuration examples and links to the specification, please refer to the LTI Deep Linking documentation. Simply replace the assignment_selection text with migration_selection in the XML (LTI 1.0, 1.1, and 1.2) or JSON (LTI 1.3) examples.




A user must have the Course Content - add / edit / delete permission. From the course settings page, the user can click on the Import Course Content button on the right sidebar. In the Content Type dropdown, any tool with the migration_selection placement will appear. After selecting the tool, the user can click the Find Course button. When clicked, Canvas initiates an LTI launch to the tool and indicates that a deep linking selection request is happening. The tool can then present the user with a UI (specifcally an iframe in a modal) to select and/or create common cartridge files and return a file download url to Canvas. The user then has the option to select all of the content or select just some. When the Import button is clicked, Canvas downloads the file from the url, and initiates a course import process using the file provided by the tool.


All of these settings are contained for the migration_selection placement: