Placements Overview

Placements are the "entry points" into an External Tool. They determine where an External Tool is visible to users.

List of Supported Placements

Global Navigation

name: global_navigation

Global Navigation Screenshot

Account Navigation

name: account_navigation

Account Navigation Screenshot

User Navigation

name: user_navigation

User Navigation Screenshot

Course Navigation

name: course_navigation

Corse Navigation Screenshot

Editor Button

name: editor_button

Editor Button Screenshot

Assignment Edit

name: assignment_edit

Assignment Edit Screenshot

Assignment Selection

name: assignment_selection

Assignment Selection Screenshot

Assignment View

name: assignment_view

Assignment View Screenshot

Homework Submission

name: homework_submission

Homework Submission Screenshot

Assignment Menu

name: assignment_menu

Assignment Menu Screenshot

Assignments Index Menu

name: assignment_index_menu

Assignments Index Menu Screenshot

Assignments Group Menu

name: assignment_group_menu

Assignments Group Menu Screenshot


name: collaboration

Collaboration Screenshot

Course Assignments Menu

name: course_assignments_menu

Course Assignments Menu Screenshot

Course Home Sub Navigation

name: course_home_sub_navigation

Course Home Sub Navigation Screenshot

Course Settings Sub Navigation

name: course_settings_sub_navigation

Course Settings Sub Navigation Screenshot

Discussion Topic Menu

name: discussion_topic_menu

Discussion Topic Menu Screenshot

Discussions Index Menu

name: discussion_topic_index_menu

Discussions Index Menu Screenshot

File Menu

name: file_menu

File Menu Screenshot

Files Index Menu

name: file_index_menu

Files Index Menu Screenshot

Link Selection

name: link_selection

Link Selection Screenshot

Migration Selection

name: migration_selection

Migration Selection Screenshot

Modules Index Menu (Tray)

name: module_index_menu

Modules Index Menu (Tray) Screenshot

Modules Index Menu (Modal)

name: module_index_menu_modal

Modules Index Menu (Modal) Screenshot

Module Menu

name: module_menu

Module Menu Screenshot

Sync Grades

name: post_grades

Sync Grades Screenshot

Quiz Menu

name: quiz_menu

Quiz Menu Screenshot

Quizzes Index Menu

name: quiz_index_menu

Quizzes Index Menu Screenshot

Student Context Card

name: student_context_card

Student Context Card Screenshot

Tool Configuration

name: tool_configuration

Tool Configuration Screenshot

Page Menu

name: wiki_page_menu

Page Menu Screenshot

Pages Index Menu

name: wiki_index_menu

Pages Index Menu Screenshot

Top Navigation

name: top_navigation

This is a restricted placement, contact your CSM (Customers) or Developer Relations (Partners) for more information.

Top Navigation Screenshot